Raglan Wharf

Raglan Wharf


Located by the sea, salt corrosion is a constant problem for most wharf environments, including unpredictable bad weather and storm surges. No mains power available. Required lighting along pathway onto jetty and down jetty to pontoon. The jetty and pontoon are going to be used by members of public and used for fishing and access to be loading on and off boats.


SBL2 unique properties that make it the only solar bollard light in the world able to operate and survive in these rough seas and high salt environments. 4 SBL2 used for pathway lighting and 9 SBL used along the jetty. Our Orca overhead range provide reliable and constant light on each end of the pontoon. The stand-along lighting system architecturally designed to enhance public spares. Extruded aluminum alloy pole is used and is impervious to rust or corrosion from salt water and extremely strong. The SBL series is the only IP68 solar bollard light with a submersible rating.


The lighting solution provided security and safety for the residents who used the pathways at night. Client very happy with lighting design.