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Orca Solar Lighting® is an Australian solar lighting company that designs its own products, drawing on over 15 years of industrial strength outdoor solar lighting for government and council, mining and resource, retirement village and many other discerning customers.

These Vertex® and Avero® products provide reliable lighting outcomes for many applications including car parks, minor and feeder roads, and pathways.

Vertex® and Avero® products are built to last and the solar engine sizing provides reliable lighting through the night regardless of bad weather. All the products have a five year total system performance guarantee over and above the strong component warranties.

Solar Lighting NZ exclusively offers NZ customers who require mission critical light the Vertex® and Avero® products from Orca Solar Lighting®.

avero solar lighting

Designed and developed in Australia by Orca Solar Lighting®.

Powered by the sun, Avero® provides an architecturally designed light that performs for pathways, bikeways, driveways, minor roads, jetties, & marinas.

Avero® solar pathway lighting – built for coastal and marine conditions


vertex solar lighting

Vertex® solar lights are designed and developed in Australia by Orca Solar Lighting®.
Vertex® solar powered lighting. Specification grade for mission critical applications such as streets, roads, car parks, pathways, and temporary for road works.

Launched in Australia in 2010 and with over 2400 installed, Vertex® has proven itself to be the dependable commercial grade solar street and area lighting system. Utilised in the largest solar lighting project ever in Australia for the Department of Defence, it provides the asset owner with peace of mind that it is proven in the field.

Orca Solar Lighting® can provide many referees from customers who have had many Vertex® solar lights installed for numerous years.


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