Saint Kentigern College

Saint Kentigern College


Client needed to light a 80m pathway from the carpark to the gym. No power available. Required solar option that was robust, elegant, and easy to install with minimum disruption to students.

Barrier to separate driveway and pedestrian walkway, to make safer for students.

Solar lights at the end of bus bays for safer access for students.

Overhead lighting along road access to car park and lighting carpark. Did not want to dig up concrete to install cables. Carpark is quite a distance from administration block, so wanted to keep staff safe when walking to carpark at night, and security for parked cars. A lighting solution which provides consistent security and safety.


SBL2 series was used for pathway lighting, as this was in direct sunlight all day, SBL2-160ANW (160 Asymmetrical Natural White) was used. This was also used for the barrier between driveway and pedestrian walkway and at the end of the bus bays.

Our G-SL60p overhead lights installed for road access to carpark and in carpark. Adjustable solar panel for maximum energy capture.


All installed by grounds staff, with ease. Staff and students impressed with overall look and lighting using 100% renewable clean energy.